This is a copy of the newsletter I (am trying to) send out every friday morning. If you're interested, you can subscribe or view this email on Buttondown.

During my very short uni mid-year break, I’ve moved this subscriber list — which I hadn’t sent am email to for like three years — away from the marketeering monstrosity that is MailChimp and over to Buttondown, and have been very slowly revamping and debugging my website and/or blog, with the intention that I’ll try to write and share things on there rather than Facebook or Twitter. You’ll get to see how successful I am at doing this.

I’m going to try and send out a newsletter every Friday morning (whatever time zone I’m in) and roundup everything I think’s worth sharing in a weekly dose. Semi-intentionally this might also give me a weekly distraction from doing uni work and/or push me towards becoming the content creation robot I will become in a post-pandemic world 🙃.

Some things I’ve written/done…

Yeah, so in the interests of honestly, there’s nothing here from this week. But maybe if you’re into footy go read my match report from back when Richmond were doing well in the distant historical era of (*checks notes*) 2017.

Some recommendations…

…for your ears 👂: